March 26, 2010

Self talk

You talk to yourself all day long.

Do you put yourself down? Do you call yourself worthless? Do you tell yourself you can't do anything right?

Saying these types of things to yourself can destroy your self-esteem. If you say nasty derogatory things to yourself all day long, you begin to believe them.

Often, this type of self-talk begins when we are children. Adults in our lives begin it by making comments. Then you continue it by repeating the messages over and over.

Your self-talk can be changed any time. It takes effort, but it can be done.

  • Become aware of how you talk to yourself. Notice when your inner critic becomes nasty.
  • Stop and challenge the negative self-talk. Is it true? Do you really deserve the comments? What would you do if someone else spoke to you like that?
  • Turn the negative messages around and replace them with positive ones.
You have to work at it, but your self-esteem and respect will begin to improve.

What's your negative self-talk? How can you turn it around? Why not start today?
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