October 8, 2009

Setting goals

Not everyone is skilled at setting goals out. Some need a little bit of help. That is exactly what this list will do.

  1. Goals should be as specific as possible. It you want a promotion, set a goal of when and what position you will hold. If you are not about what exactly you want, you won't be able to get there.
  2. Measure you progress. Specific goals make it easier to see where you stand and if any adjustments need to be made.
  3. Make your goals challenging. Not to the point that they are unachievable, but they make you work for them.
  4. Goals should fit in with you life plan. Don't do something because everyone says you should. Do it because it is part of the direction you want to go in.
  5. Give your goals a set time for completion. When you have a deadline to meet, it makes you take more action towards your goals.
  6. Most importantly, put it all on paper. Think of it as a road map for your life. You don't just want them in your head, they need some kind of physical manifestation.

These tips will help you get started setting goals for yourself and getting your life headed in the direction you want.



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