October 7, 2009

Diet: Things to think about

Here's a few things to consider when having a meal while trying to loose weight.

  1. What is a serving size to you? Most people eat 2-3 times what an actual portion is. It may take some getting used to, but try eating what a portion size is suppose to be.
  2. Are you watching TV? This is a big no-no. If you're watching TV, then you're occupied with what's on and not how much you're eating or how fast. Turn the tube off for meals.
  3. What did you have for breakfast? It's not a myth, you should always have breakfast. The nice thing is, you can eat a calorie heavy meal for breakfast. You're body will burn off the calories during the day.
  4. Is eating a race for you? Learn to eat slower. It takes up to 15 minutes for your stomach to signal the brain that you are full. So don't try to rush it, you'll end up eating more than you should.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while trying to loose weight. By paying a little more attention to meals and slowing down to enjoy them, you can loose.



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